Generation Z: The Unwanted Neighbour in English

10.06.2024 19:00
Divadlo P. O. Hviezdoslava
Laurinská 20



The tolerance project GENERATION Z is aimed primarily at young viewers. Who influences them and how? Is social media their Holy Bible? Do they live more virtually than in reality? Are they lost in the real world because they think they can´t change anything? Do we understand them? And do they understand themselves? Those who don’t ask, don’t get answers. However, asking the right question is difficult, just like listening. A divided world is challenging for everyone. Will Generation Z bring us together?


Collective work

Generation Z: The Unwanted Neighbour

Tolerance Project

Who is the worst neighbor? Roma, liberal or gay?


Home is a place to preserve traditions. The youth in the rural areas of the country is much more traditional than its urban peers. 63% of the GEN Z generation do not want to live next to people of color, 63% next to liberals, 60% next to LGBTI people. More than a half wouldn´t want to share neighborhood with foreigners, migrants, refugees, Jews, and Muslims. Mentally or physically handicapped neighbor also presents a problem for the young people living in the city. Both groups tend to favour anti-democratic and populist parties.


Collective work

Stage direction: Juraj Hrčka, Erik Peťovský

Dramaturgy: Valeria Schulczová

Stage design and costumes: Dominika Katonová

Stage design and light design: Matúš Ďuran

Consultant: Veronika Fischbone Vlčková



Cast: Natália Bóriková, Jakub Fehér, Dorota Hrnčiarová, Manuela Justová, Sophia Makišová, Annamária Mikulová, Bianka Molnárová, Miriam Pulíková, Maxim Rozenberg / Michal Kaprálik, Laura Slamková, Lucia Šimková, Julianna Ťahúňová, Katrin Virágová



Premiere: 6.11.2021

Length of the performance: 85 minutes without intermission

Appropriate for: 15+



The project was developed in cooperation with the Slovak Youth Council and Bratislava Conservatory.  


This event was created with the support of UNICEF.