Generation Z: FANTOMAS in English

12.06.2024 10:00
Divadlo P. O. Hviezdoslava
Laurinská 20



The tolerance project GENERATION Z is aimed primarily at young viewers. Who influences them and how? Is social media their Holy Bible? Do they live more virtually than in reality? Are they lost in the real world because they think they can´t change anything? Do we understand them? And do they understand themselves? Those who don’t ask, don’t get answers. However, asking the right question is difficult, just like listening. A divided world is challenging for everyone. Will Generation Z bring us together?


Collective work

Generation Z: FANTOMAS

Tolerance Project


Who really rules the world?


How many masks does FANTOMAS have? Is there anything we can truly believe in? Living in the age of guaranteed truths, do we really know what we are sharing and watching on social media? Is it possible to expose hoaxes, disinformation, and conspiracy theories? Young people of the GEN Z generation may have unlimited access to information, but such a world is full of traps. FANTOMAS is not only a mysterious villain, but also an acronym for the crucial concepts of media literacy. It is important to check FACTS, find the AUTHOR, see through false NAMES and labelling, not to get fooled by shocking TITLES, disclose OPTICAL MANIPULATION, train our MIND, and use correct ARGUMENTS. And most importantly, face our STRONGEST fears.


Collective work

Stage direction: Valeria Schulczová

Dramaturgy and music: Tereza Hladká

Stage design and costumes: Eva Kudláčová – Rácová

Video projections: Adam Kubala

Consultant: Kristína Blažeková 


Cast: Annamária Janeková, Adam Kubala, Jakub Švec, Katrin Virágová 

Premiere: 2.2.2023

Length of the performance: 90 minutes without intermission 

Appropriate for: 15+


The project was developed in cooperation with the organization Choose Your Info.

Trigger warning: Strong language and sensitive content.

This event was created with the support of UNICEF.